Community Council Meeting (June 15, 2012)

2012-06-19 05:14 UTC by Craig Woodward


Meeting held on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

Attending: Woody14619, Estel, SD69, Ivgalvez, NielDK, Stskeeps

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):
  • Community Awards - approaching finale
  • Quim's e-mail about Nokia follow-up
  • IRC management
  • QT-components-10 promotion
  • Misc public topics

Topic 1 (CA planning):
  • Submissions end Sunday at midnight UTC.
  • We placed a self-imposed time limit of June 23rd for deciding winners.
  • Coucil should prepare their votes, meeting to be held Tues.
  • Email on the topic internaly is welcome as well.

Topic 2 (Quim's e-mail):
  • There is general sadness at the state of things in Nokia.
  • There is general happiness that Quim is still on board & keeping in contact.
  • There is concern that this may be our "6 month" warning sign.
  • Observation of Mer may be a good idea to avoid the same pits they've hit.

Topic 3 (IRC management):
>>>SD69 has an emergency & must leave.
  • A group account is proposed to "manage problems".
  • The concept is spoken against and rejected.
  • The concept of crafting a solid policy is raised.
  • Discussion is postponed as Estel drops.
  • NielDK takes the action item to look at similar groups policies.

Topic 4 (QT-components-10 promotion):

Topic 5 (Misc public topics):
  • Topic for next meeting: Chair responsibilities and speaking for Council
  • AI Review: The "first blog" is still not done. Is it needed now?

Action Items:
All: Review CA applications Monday, meeting Tuesday.
Woody: Contact X-Fade about qt-components-10 issue.
NielDK: Find other IRC/op policies for review & collaboration.


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Craig Woodward
Karma: 828

@Andrew: Thanks for the reminder. :) I think often times we use e-mail more because we're trying to talk one-on-one with someone without needing to burden others. Old habits that I'm sure most people not in a public role find hard to break when entering one such as this.

@Uwe: While I wouldn't generally share e-mail from someone to Council, I can tell you the e-mail we discussed in meeting was a short message letting us know that Quim was still with Nokia, and that he was still available as our contact point, but didn't have much more he could share at that very moment. It was more of a confirmation that he was still there, since speculation on who was gone and who wasn't was a bit rampant at the time...

2012-06-25 19:01 UTC
Uwe Kaminski
Karma: 483

Is it possible to reference "Quims email"? Thanks

2012-06-25 09:07 UTC
Piotr Jawidzyk
Karma: 980

Valid point, Jaffa, thanks for suggesting. It seems that most of the time, it's rather about not trashing public mail with very specific question, aimed @ only one person - but, if we've used it for CA, there is no reason we couldn't do same for anything else, not requiring to remain private.


2012-06-23 05:28 UTC
Andrew Flegg
Karma: 3342

Thanks for publishing the minutes, it's much appreciated and a definite improvement over the preceding council.

One comment, though: on the IRC/op policies discussion, although I understand the disagreement about the chair emailing X-Fade directly; why isn't that discussion happening on maemo-community (which X-Fade reads, and is sufficiently low traffic (again ;-)) that the council should be subscribed with immediate delivery)?

I would suggest that every time the council is considering using, or emailing someone about, they consider "does this have a reason to be private?" Most of the time the answer should be "no", and so maemo-community should be used instead.

2012-06-22 16:09 UTC
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