Community Council Meeting (august 17th, 2012)

2012-08-20 16:50 UTC by Ivan Galvez Junquera

In an effort to increase transparency and access for the community, Council holds public meetings each Friday at 18:00UTC. Meeting logs are available at any time, and minutes are posted to the Council blog soon after (usually the following Monday).

Council logs for meeting on August 17th, 2012

Meeting held on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

Attending:  nieldk, Pali, ivgalvez

## Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):

  • Update on bylaws and presentation/setup for NFP
  • Infrastructure migration issues
  • CSSU support and issues
  • Misc topics.
## Topic 1: Update on bylaws
Still pending on SD69 to update bylaws document in order to publish it for community feedback. As it was previously discussed during last Council meeting (August 10th) Woody14169 will review it himself in case SD69 is not available and publish it. If it's not prepared by the end of this week, we will publish it as is.
This issue is blocker for several actions, including:
- Elections for next Council/Board of Directors, we'd like to use one single voting for both elections and Bylaws approval
- Legal entity, that will took place after elections.
## Topic 2: Infrastructure migration issues
Woody14619 commented during last Council Meeting that merlin1991 had finally obtained the administrative rights to repositories but something wasn't working correctly in the web interface.
merlin1991 is right now on holidays so it's unclear what's the status about this issuem. In the meantime. ivgalvez has sent a few emails to both X-Fade and merlin1991.
## Topic 3: CSSU support and issues
A new CSSU Testing release is planned for this week.
A new version of CSSU enabler is now in devel (should by in Testing by next week) and is candidate to land in Extras to allow users to install CSSU via HAM without the need to enter TMO.
ivgalvez has asked via ML for the conclusions from last CSSU meeting and also proposed to keep fixed scheduled meetings.