2015-01-06 Meeting Minutes

2015-01-11 23:12 UTC by Oksana Tkachenko

Meeting held 2015-01-06 on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

William McBee (gerbick), Jussi Ohenoja (juiceme), Oksana Tkachenko (Oksana/Wikiwide), Peter Leinchen (peterleinchen),
Philippe Coval (RzR),
Paul Healey (sixwheeledbeast), RĂ¼diger Schiller (chem|st),

Partial: Alexander Kozhevnikov (MentalistTraceur),
Falk Stern (warfare), Gido Griese (Win7Mac),


Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):

  • Results of election
  • Handover meeting
  • Miscellaneous

Topic (Results of election):

  • Winners are Alexander Kozhevnikov (Mentalist Traceur), Peter Leinchen (peterleinchen), William McBee (gerbick), Jussi Ohenoja (juiceme), and Oksana A. Tkachenko (Wikiwide).
  • The automatic calculation did/does not work, so the results were not immediately available at their foreseen place.
    Juiceme did the calculation manually and posted the results on his server.
    Meanwhile they are available, thanks to juiceme feeding the database manually.
  • Please see also this post on TMO.

Topic (Handover meeting):

  • A "handover meeting" was held by inviting members of both Old Council and New Council to join on IRC for this meeting.
  • Suitable meeting time was decided upon as 21:00 UTC, Tuesday.
  • Council mail-alias was updated by techstaff accordingly, to include members of New Council.
  • Council status on TMO was added by techstaff accordingly, for members of New Council.
  • Chair was elected.
    Wikiwide was proposed by peterleinchen, seconded by gerbick, and supported by MentalistTraceur; Wikiwide formally agreed.
    gerbick was proposed by peterleinchen, and rejected the position.
    No other proposals were put forth, since tradition is that first-timers will be chosen, and juiceme, MentalistTraceur, and peterleinchen already were Chairs previously.

Topic (Miscellaneous):

  • Automatic calculation of results not working for the last election was discussed.
    As juiceme said: "the previous elections computed OK when I redid them, but not this one."
    Wikiwide suggested empty ballots as possible trigger for the confusion.
    Mentalist Traceur volunteered to have a look at the php code.
  • Mentioned:
    IRC cloaks (ask sixwheeledbeast),
    thumb target in auto-builder,
    what's the GCC version on the autobuilder?
  • Officially on record: Mentalist Traceur is really grateful to Aapo Rantalainen for putting GCC 4.6 in the N900 community repos.

Action Items:
  • -- old items:
    • Juiceme and chemist to clarify the bank account situation or e.V.
    • The selected Code of Conduct (KDE) still needs to be published on (T)MO.
  • -- new items:
    • Next week's tasks: looking into automatic calculation of election results ...
    • possible action items: thumb target in auto-builder, GCC version in auto-builder?