Registrations: Mozilla/Maemo Danish Weekend

Mozilla/Maemo Danish Weekend

The Maemo and Mozilla projects are organizing a joint developer camp in Copenhagen the last weekend of May. See the announcement and the wiki page for more details.

We have some budget to support travel and accommodation expenses of key developers able to make a difference in the Danish Weekend.
Selection criteria:

  • Developers of Fennec add-ons, Fremantle Stars and the Mer project. Link to your projects and get references from lead developers.
  • Developers of cool software for average users available in Fremantle extras-devel.
  • Other key Maemo contributors with high karma and a concrete development plan for the weekend.

The link below is for sponsorship requests only. Once you are confirmed you need to register to the event.

Note that you need to be a registered user to apply for sponsorship. The list of sponsored participants is public.

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2009-05-30 09:00:00
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