Seventh FRUCT seminar

2010-04-26 08:00 UTC / 30 18:00 UTC

7th Seminar of Finnish-Russian University Cooperation in Telecommunications (FRUCT) Program, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 26-30 April 2010

The FRUCT Program is one of the largest regional academia-to-industry and university-to-university cooperation frameworks. The seminars are attended by the representatives of over 10 FRUCT universities from Russia and Finland, industrial experts from Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks and Symbian Foundation, a number of guests from other companies and universities. The seminar is a forum for the most active students, a chance to meet colleagues from industrial research and learn more about the FRUCT initiative. The seminar provides an opportunity for student teams to present progress and results of their ongoing R&D projects and attend lectures given by the top academic and industrial experts. Traditionally the seminar program consists of 1.5-2 days of intensive training for one of the hottest technologies and 2-2.5 days of the seminar presentations.

We warmly welcome all university research teams to participate in the seminar, present your research and joint the FRUCT Program. The seminar participation is free, but requires pre-registration.

This call for participation is also available in PDF format (

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