Maemo 4.1 comes with new tools, better documentation and a promoted extras repository

2008-06-24 12:49 UTC by Quim Gil

Maemo 4.1 is out as an evolutionary step from 4.0.1. Developers are encouraged to upgrade or install the Maemo 4.1 SDK in order to match the development environment with the latest OS2008, released today. The developer documentation has been updated and compiled in the Maemo Reference Guide, available also in PDF (536 pages, 7,4 Mb). There are new and updated developer tools, including some used internally at Nokia that are now released with open source license: sp-smaps, sp-memusage, sp-response-time and xresponse-visualize.

Most of Chinook applications should continue to work without modifications, although there are a few changes. The SDK itself can be upgraded easily and it has been tested also in Ubuntu and Kubuntu 8.04 LTS. SDK and developer tools are now organized in separate repositories, and you can activate the Tools repository also in your device. Check the release notes for more details.

Support the Maemo community effort

The Maemo Software team at Nokia encourages third party developers to upload their packages to the extras repository, following the new community process and autobuild tools. Use also Downloads to promote new applications and updates. Your software will receive additional quality checks from the community and it will be better monitored by Nokia when looking for new applications to help and advertise. At the end, users will benefit from an organized repository of installable applications and automatic notifications of your software updates.