sp-response-time monitors UI response times.

This application monitors keyboard and mouse/touchscreen events and calculates how long it takes when updates on the screen are done. This tool is designed for giving support on performance analysis when calculating UI response times against some performance requirements.


source: sp-response-time

binary: sp-response-time

Usage Examples

Running this in a Scratchbox target and opening up menus in the emulated device desktop results in output like this:

[sbox-i386: ~/] > ./sp-response-time -w 100

sp-response-time 0.0.8

Timestamp      : Info ([event(s), damage(s), update(ms), ]message) -------------
1213704219.115 : 1213704218.997, 1213704219.008, 11, "Event at 1213704218.997s. Update took 11ms."
1213704221.367 : 1213704221.190, 1213704221.200, 10, "Event at 1213704221.190s. Update took 10ms."
1213704223.718 : 1213704222.220, 1213704223.574, 1354, "Event at 1213704222.220s. Update took 1354ms."


sp-response-time man page

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