sp-memusage is a collection of memory usage monitoring tools and scripts.

  • mem-dirty-code-pages: prints out the dirty code pages allocated by the given processes

  • mem-monitor: prints out system memory usage at a given interval

  • mem-monitor-smaps: prints out the memory usage of a given process at a given interval

  • mem-smaps-private: prints out the private memory usage of a given process

  • run-with-mallinfo: run maemo applications under mallinfo

  • run-with-memusage: run maemo applications under memusage


source: sp-memusage

binary: sp-memusage, sp-memusage-dbg

Usage Examples

See respective man pages for usage examples and more info on each utility.


mem-dirty-code-pages man page

mem-monitor man page

mem-monitor-smaps man page

mem-smaps-private man page

run-with-mallinfo man page

run-with-meminfo man page

See Also

sp-smaps-measure, sp-smaps-visualize