Maemo 4.0 Chinook SDK

Maemo SDK 4.0 release provides development environment for developing software for OS2008. This release replaces maemo SDK 4.0 alpha and beta releases. Read more about the maemo 4.0 API break at the API changes between maemo 3.2 and maemo 4.0 documentation.


  • Maemo 4.0 SDK is API compatible with OS2008
  • New installation method using apt-get instead of rootstraps

SDK downloads

Notes for developers

  • maemo 4.0 requires Scratchbox Apophis R4 or later

Notes about compatibility

Software ported with this SDK is runnable only in OS2008.


The maemo 4.0 SDK provides an installer script that can be used to install the SDK. This is the only supported installation method.

Package Repositories

The maemo 4.0 SDK installer script will automatically setup and configure the /etc/apt/sources.list files inside your Scratchbox targets. After installation you should be able to use the apt-get tools inside the Scratchbox to access the components in the maemo 4.x Chinook repository.