Maemo 5 Beta SDK Release Notes


The Maemo 5 Beta SDK provides the tools needed for creating applications and home widgets targeting the next major release. The content is very similar to the Alpha release but now the APIs are stable and many issues have been fixed. See the announcement for a generic view of the release.

This release includes:

  • X86 development environment for compiling and running applications.
  • Armel environment only for compilation.
  • Maemo Scratchbox installer
  • Maemo SDK installer
  • Nokia binaries
  • Updated Scratchbox packages.
    • New, independent qemu devkit containing up-to-date user space qemu. While creating new armel targets, select qemu-arm-sb in order to use the new devkit.
    • Revised choosing logic for available fakeroot variants.
    • Scratchbox-core: fakeroot patches
    • Scratchbox-devkit-apt-https: Upgraded apt
    • Scratchbox-devkit-doctools: Upgraded doxygen, patches applied to libjpeg and tetex-bin.
    • Toolchains:
      • Recompiled toolchains to include profiling fix for arm. It requires new qemu in the qemu devkit if you really want to use it with qemu based targets.
      • Moved the rpath-link trickery in the i486 toolchain towards the end of the linker chain to allow the users some leeway to do their own trickery.
    • scratchbox-devkit-apt-https devkit included.
  • Maemo 5 UI framework without task switcher and status area.
  • New gtkhtml version 3.24 introduced. In order to use the new one, please update the version of the gtkhtml dependency in your packages. The configure pkg-config dependency should be 3.14.
  • The Help library is dropped. Diablo applications that use context-sensitive help and use the libhildonhelp library would need to remove the dependencies from their packages inorder to work in Fremantle.
  • The libhildon library is now developed openly in its garage project.
  • Source code of open source packages.
  • Changelog of packages since the Alpha SDK release.
  • Content comparison between Alpha and Beta SDK releases.

Hardware and software requirements

The recommended hardware setup can be found at

Scratchbox Apophis R4 is used as the cross compilation environment. The following scratchbox packages are used in this release:

Component Version Description
scratchbox-core 1.0.14 Core of scratchbox
scratchbox-libs 1.0.14 Scratchbox libraries
scratchbox-devkit-qemu 0.10.0-0sb5 Qemu devkit
scratchbox-devkit-debian 1.0.10 Debian devkit
scratchbox-devkit-doctools 1.0.11 Devkit containing all the tools and utilities for building documentation
scratchbox-devkit-perl 1.0.4 Additional perl modules
scratchbox-devkit-apt-https 1.0.5 https support to apt
scratchbox-devkit-svn 1.0.1 Subversion devkit for Scratchbox
scratchbox-devkit-git 1.0 Git for Scratchbox
scratchbox-toolchain-host-gcc 1.0.14 host toolchain for Scratchbox
scratchbox-toolchain-cs2007q3-glibc2.5-arm7 1.0.11-7 ARM GCC 4.2.1 + CS2007q3 / glibc toolchain
scratchbox-toolchain-cs2007q3-glibc2.5-i486 1.0.11-5 x86 GCC 4.2.1 + CS2007q3 / glibc toolchain


You can install them using the scratchbox installer. Refer installation instructions for more details.

This release has been tested on 32bit Debian Lenny, Ubuntu Intrepid and Jaunty.

SDK content

This SDK contains a large number of headers, libraries and tools needed for writing Maemo 5 applications. They are installed inside the Scratchbox cross compilation environment. It includes two targets for different architectures and purpose:

  • X86 : The X86 target is used during the development phase of the software. Majority of the development work is done inside this target.
  • Armel: The armel target is used for cross compiling the software for the forthcoming device with Fremantle software.

The SDK consists of the following components:

Hildon application framework subsystem

  • UI framework libraries
  • Hildon Desktop
  • Hildon Home
  • Hildon Application Manager
  • Hildon Input Method Framework
  • Hildon Control Panel
  • Clutter
  • Tracker
  • Matchbox library
  • Games Wrapper library

Multimedia subsystem

  • PulseAudio
  • libcanberra
  • Bellagio OpenMAC IL implementation library
  • Speex audio codec library
  • GUPnP
  • GStreamer
  • Media Application Framework
  • FM Transmitter API*

Connectivity subsystem

  • BlueZ
  • WLAN library
  • GW OBEX library
  • wireless-tools library

Real time communications subsystem

  • Glib Telepathy connection manager library
  • Farsight2 library
  • libnice library
  • AddressBook API*
  • Accounts API*
  • Event Logger API*

System software subsystem

  • HAL library
  • Battery query interface API*
  • Vibra service API*
  • Device orientation API*

Core subsystem

  • X Window system library
  • Linux Kernel
  • Open GL ES drivers*

Application Interfaces

  • Calendar API*
  • CityInfo API*
  • Location API*
  • Time API*
  • Modest

Full package management, apt support

  • Required tools incuded

[* are provided by Nokia closed binaries ]

Fixed bugs


#4172 Wrong information in the Fremantle alpha SDK installation notes

#1584 provide system management software under free software licenses

#4233 Missing libdb4.2-dev package in repository
#4235 Missing libid3-3.8.3-dev package in repository

#3433 Provide "maemo-sdk-kitchensink" (maemo-tools) meta-package
#4208 libxslt1-dev should declare dependency on zlib1g-dev

#4080 No output from sp-response-time on i386 Debian platform
#4124 Rich-core-dumper decides the crashed process name is 'exe' in Mer


#667 A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth profile wanted
#971 Bluetooth icon disappears
#2587 Bluetooth pairing dialog passcode field does not accept letters, only digits

#305 Incorrect http_proxy/host gconf value setting (leading http://)
#2819 RFE: A persistent data counter in the Connection Manager would be useful

#1442 Provide more informative WiFi (and possibly even BT?) error messages
#2928 SECURITY: nmap -sS -O -p 1- will cause freeze and reboot
#3558 "Exit offline mode?" dialog appears twice when selecting a connection while offline

#4174 shell history file is overwritten after every command
#4175 History cross-contamination between concurrently running shells
#937 libcal uses MEMSETOOBSEL which has been removed from the kernel
#965 Set display brightness when booting/shutting down to lowest value

X Server
#1897 Mouse support (Bluetooth and USB support)
#2844 touchpad x digitiser giving erratic readings


File System UI
#1710 hildon_file_chooser_dialog_set_extension() should take const gchar*

#3126 Upgrade to Glib 2.16

#3756 Update GTK to 2.12 (was: GTK is missing gtk.CellLayout.get_cells)
#3769 When hidden, a gtk statusicon becomes invisible but status area doesn't shrink

#948 gtkrc is unfriendly for widget derivatives

#644 user-selectable portrait/landscape display mode
#1051 Add "Scale with larger dimension" background mode
#1096 Desktop should recognize volume buttons
#2639 Home view needs to have an option to lock desktop applets into place

#1258 Nokia's icons are unusually poor for a handheld

Task navigator
#3810 window selection menu puts focus in wrong place

Virtual keyboard
#2412 Spacebar shortened by suggestions

Window manager
#3670 Dialogs have no close button in the title bar

#4147 crash-reporter is bashist


#375 minimum backlight level is too bright at night

File system
#3414 Corrupt mmc2 with virtual memory will bring Maemo to its knees

#4176 hald-addon-bme-dev is in nokia-binaries & closed for no good reason

FIXED Maemo Official Application Bugs and Enhancement Requests that are RELEASED in Fremantle SDK beta:

#2553 Please make folder view finger-sized
#2561 Make attachment and contact buttons finger-sized
#2745 Space not allowed in username
#2922 Want ability to delete POP mail from server
#3135 Replies can't use > quoting when composing in HTML
#3302 email address with non ascii character not displayed properly in Inbox overview pane
#3387 Modest doesn't fetch GMX IMAP mail (issuing LIST "" instead of LIST "*")
#3423 Currently visible account is not used as from for sending message
#3498 Add "Zooming to x%" messages to Modest
#3691 No option to load embedded images from server in HTML emails
#3949 Deleting a mail in modest does not clear its content from .modest/cache
#4060 modest checks body before complaining mcen_ib_subject_not_modified
#4191 IMAP account details not editable


Control panel
#368 USB mode selection on control panel
#463 Date format should be user defined
#1082 Control panel seems to use double-click instead of single click
#1127 Navigation -control panel applet really mixed bag

Application manager
#3844 Packages with invalid sections should appear in the Other category
#4027 search words doesn't treat space delimited "words" as independent restrictions
#4030 ai_nc_remove_repository should not talk about "package list" as nothing else does
#4031 ai_ia_osupdate_restart should talk about things in order