HOWTO: Using Nokia binaries in rootstrap

This document is released under the GPL license.


Maemo 2.2 comes with a separate binary package that adds support to several APIs in the platform. This document describes the installation procedure of these packages. The actual packages can be found from the download menu.


This file contains Nokia binaries that can be used for creating a customized root filesystem (rootfs). It contains only packages for _all and _armel architectures. The build and installation procedures of rootfs are described in Using the flasher utility and creating the reference root file system document.


This file contains Nokia binaries that are used inside rootstrap. In maemo 2.2 it contains the development packages for Addressbook APIs.

In order to use these binaries effectively, make a local apt repository of those packages by following the steps below:

      1. Download the tarball to ~/downloaded/rootstrap_debs/
      2. Extract it. You will see Debian packages of all architecture: armel, i386 and _all
      3. Inside Scratchbox, for example, in ARMEL architecture type:

        $ mkdir /tmp/armel/debs/
        $ cd ~/downloaded/rootstrap_debs/
        $ cp *all.deb /tmp/armel/debs/
	$ cp *armel.deb /tmp/armel/debs/
        $ cd /tmp/armel
        $ dpkg-scanpackages debs /dev/null| gzip > debs/Packages.gz

        $ cat >> /etc/apt/sources.list
          deb file:/tmp/armel debs/

        $ apt-get update

Now you can use the packages just as if they are available from maemo repo. The process is the same for x86 architecture as well.

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