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nitro_ui - The user interface for handling the rich-core dumps


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The nitro_ui provides an user-friendly GUI for managing rich-core dumps. It is started up by the Crash Reporter daemon when when rich-core dumps (or other supported kinds of dumps such as oopslogs) appear in the known dumping locations. The UI is also started up after device startup if unsent dumps are found. The UI offers the user the following main options for a freshly created dump:

Send Uploads the current dump to a Crash Reporter server.
  Opens up a dialog for enabling/disabling Crash Reporter. Additionally, some options controlling the information stored in the dumps by the rich-core-dumper can be configured here. These changes only affect subsequent dumps, however. The same dialog can be reached also via Control Panel even when the UI is not running.
Delete The current dump will be deleted and the UI closes.
Cancel Do nothing. The UI will close down, leaving the dumps untouched. Unless the dumps are destroyed manually, the UI will start up after next reboot and ask the user again what to about the dump(s).
Additionally, the UI allows user to enter a brief note containing background information about the situation where the crash occurred.


  This file contains the user-modified privacy settings for Crash Reporter, controlling what kind of information is included in the dumps. These settings have priority over the system-default configuration.
  This file contains both the communication settings needed for uploading the dumps to a Crash Reporter server as well as the flag controlling whether Crash Reporter is enabled or disabled.
The following system-default configuration files exist:
  The system-wide version of the privacy settings file described above.
  The system-wide version of the communication settings and the Nitro on/off control file described above.
  A document describing what kind of privacy user can expect when uploading dumps into a Crash Reporter server.


nitro_daemon(8)¸ rich-core-dumper(1)

The UI also provides its own help dialog, providing more comprehensive information about some details.


Copyright (C) 2007-2008 Nokia Corporation.

This is free software. You may redistribute copies of it under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 included with the software. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

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