Hildon Widgets API for Python

hildon.CalendarPopupA dialog which contains a gtk.Calendar.
hildon.ColorButtonA widget to open a hildon.ColorSelector.
hildon.ColorSelectorA widget for selecting a color.
hildon.ControlbarA widget that allows increasing or decreasing a value within a pre-defined range.
hildon.DateEditorA simple widget with three entry field (day, month, year) and a icon (eventbox) the clicking of which opens up a hildon.CalendarPopup.
hildon.FileDetailsDialogUsed to show details of a file.
hildon.FontSelectionDialogA widget is used to select a font with certain properties.
hildon.GetPasswordDialoghildon.GetPasswordDialog is used to get a password.
hildon.GridIntended to be used where ever a number of single tap activatable items need to be presented (e.g. Control Panel applets).
hildon.GridItemhildon.GridItem is intended to be used with hildon.Grid.
hildon.HVolumebarA widget that displays a horizontal volume bar.
hildon.NamePasswordDialogA widget which allows a user to enter username and password.
hildon.NoteA widget to ask confirmation from the user or to show some information to him.
hildon.NumberEditorA widget to set a number.
hildon.RangeEditorUsed to set a number range from specific limits.
hildon.SeekbarUsed to seek a place from a content. Can be used eg. to browse a mp3 track.
hildon.SetPasswordDialogUsed to receive a new password from user. (User sets the password).
hildon.SortDialogA widget for defining sorting order of items.
hildon.TimeEditorA simple widget with entries for hours and minutes and a pm/am indicator as well as a button which pops up a hildon.TimePicker dialog window.
hildon.TimePickerA dialog popup widget which lets the user set a time.
hildon.VolumebarBase class for widgets that display a volume bar.
hildon.VVolumebarA widget that displays a vertical volume bar.
hildon.WeekdayPickerA widget for selecting weekday(s).

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