The LibOSSO TimeNotification object.


Creates a new osso.TimeNotification based on the osso.Context object.

context The OSSO Context object related to the application.
Returns A time notification object to use in later calls to this library. None is returned if an error happened.


This method registers a callback that is called whenever the time is changed with this library.

osso.TimeNotification.set_time_notification_callback(callback, user_data = None)
callback Function that is called when the system time is changed.
user_data Arbitrary application specific object that will be passed to the callback and ignored by LibOSSO.


This method sets the system and hardware time, and notifies about the changing of time over the D-BUS system bus. Notice: does not currently change the time. The time_sequence parameter is a sequence with 9 elements (like sequences returned by time standard Python module). These elements are (year, mon, month_day, hour, min, sec, week_day, year_day, is_daylight_saving).

time_sequence A time sequence

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