The LibOSSO Context object.


Creates a new osso.Context. Each application can have only one osso.Context.

osso.Context(application, version, activation)
application The name of the application. This name forms the last part of the default (D-BUS) service name of the application. The only valid characters that the name may contain are letters a-z and the underscore '_'.
version The version string of the application. It must be comparable with strcmp().
activation If this is True, then the library assumes that the application binary has been launched by the D-BUS daemon, and thus will connect to the D-BUS activation bus (the D-BUS bus where the D-BUS message that resulted in auto-activation of the application came -- either the session or system bus). This parameter should always be False and considered obsolete, because otherwise LibOSSO might behave strangely since it normally uses both session and system bus.
Returns A context to use in later calls to this library. None is returned if an error happened.

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