double screen

double screen

alexander nn
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2012-11-25 07:08 UTC
Hello everybody, excuse me for repost from here:
but maybe someone here not reading forum.

I also post it to maemo-users@ list but i think the right place is
developers list.

I'm having a problem with my N800, it starts appearing two screens
folding one on another, second screen is about 15 pixels lower than
the first. While there are two visual screens, touchscreen is working
only on one, the first one.

process list of just started system is here:

see pictures here:

Also, note that these two screens appears right after system starts
and remains till system shutdown (see horizontal line on starting and
ending screens). And there are two xterms in process list, as if it's
not just second view of system screen, but indeed two separate
processes which starts two subprocesses.

So, what is this and how do i remove second screen?

I have latest OS for this tablet and i didn't install anything that
could lead to such problem, it starts without a reason.

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