Self-Nomination for ​the Maemo Board Memb​ers delegation​

Self-Nomination for ​the Maemo Board Memb​ers delegation​

Randall Arnold
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2012-09-23 04:30 UTC
Greetings Maemo community,

Like my good friend Tim Samoff, I am submitting myself as a candidate for the
Hildon Foundation board.

Those who know me are familiar with my qualifications.  For those who don't,
here's a synopsis:

- Former Nokia quality engineer for early Maemo devices
- Prominent member of N800 launch team
- Early member of Internet Tablet Talk and; helped develop community
- forum moderator
- creator of Maemo (and MeeGo) Greeters program
- MeeGo community office member; created and coordinated device program
- 3-term council member
- 2 term (and current) Nokia Developer Champion

Regardless of where my career and interests have taken me, I am a strong
advocate of open source, both software and hardware.  In addition to Maemo and
MeeGo involvement, I am also heavily plugged into 3D printing communities and
pushing for increased opportunities for community contributions to device
ecosystems (phone cases, sim card adapters, etc).

I've been very concerned with the negative tone I see permeating our community
and i would like to see us work at dispelling that.  We started as a can-do
collective of passionate, talented people and I would like to see that spirit
renewed.  I have hope that the Hildon Foundation will be sufficiently empowered
to turn this thing around! profile: (outdated but I am
having trouble logging in to make changes)

Randall (Randy) Arnold aka texrat
Developer and Enthusiast Advocate 

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Re: Self-Nomination for ​the Maemo Board Memb​ers delegation​

claude bucher
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2012-09-23 09:15 UTC
hi Randy!

thank you for standing up and being willing to commit yourself to this
adventure :)
but as you point out yourself, no matter how energetically and wisely the
community will be lead, unless the members participate it will not matter in
the end.

on Woody's suggestion i have taken upon myself to maintain the election
( )
(( will update the Candidate page later today... ))

would you be available for a Q&A Texrat Board of Director candidate thread ?
that would be Question and Answers of course ;)
i would post the same (basic) questions to all such threads (for each
candidate, thus) but it would also be interesting to have a place where
everybody may ask and / or request clarification upon answer.

best regards,

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