The final countdown...

2009-04-21 17:21 UTC by Tim Samoff

Final CountdownHold on to your britches everyone, the new Beta will be launching tomorrow at 1200 UTC! (That's 7a my time, so I'll most likely be watching Curious George with my son -- not that I won't be checking in.)

The first phase of the launch will be some back-end stuff and link checks, so don't expect the new site to be live until sometime after 1200. There are a lot of different elements the incorporate the website and migrating a project of this size is no laughing matter.

This is where we must ask for your help again. There is no doubt that a few things may be broken after everything is up-and-running. Not only will there be links that need editing, but some pages may not look or work properly. In these cases, please help us by searching and adding the bug to (classification: Website/newstyle). Please search Bugzilla before posting a new bug.

Also, many features of will still look like the "old" site after the new design is live:,, etc. Likewise, we are still trying to figure out the best way to integrate Internet Tablet Talk into the forthcoming

Lastly (for now), I'd like to point out all (or most) of the people who were integral in making this new website happen:

Did I forget anyone? Let me know if I did and I'll add them... As you can see, a project of this magnitude cannot be done by just one person. It was a wonderful privilege to work with all of these talented people. There were arguments along the way (and still are about some issues), some stepped-on feet, some hurt feelings, and so on. But, when all is said and done, we were all able trudge through through the issues with the main goal always in sight. And, the fact that we're finally counting down to an actual launch time is such an amazing testament to a healthy open source community.


Our jobs are far from complete. As I said, the launch of the new site is most assuredly Beta. Don't think of it as anyting but. In this case, our next days will be filled with bug reporting and fixing and trying to figure out how to go from Beta to final. (Hopefully, all of this with your help!)

* Rock stars


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