Second community council gets to work

2009-03-22 11:17 UTC by Andrew Flegg

Ryan, Tim, Alan, Kees and I have started work as the second Maemo Community Council. First order of business was sorting out who we wanted to be chair this time and muggins-here volunteered. So, I'm pleased to announce I'll be taking over Ryan's role of shepherding the catsouncil through the next six months.

One thing we're going to try and do, to set a good example, is to report what we've been doing - when appropriate - through the normal sprint process. This should allow the community to keep abreast of what we're doing, but will suppliment - rather than replace - this council blog.


Jeremiah Foster
Karma: 594

Congrats Andrew, I look forward to your cat herding!

2009-03-22 17:41 UTC


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