Q4 2013 Community Council Election Update

2013-11-01 19:57 UTC by RĂ¼diger Schiller

due to the lack of nominees we decided to extend the nomination period by one month.

From the merger with HiFo-Council we furthermore need to extend the election process by another week, adding a one-week contemplation period.

We are extending the acceptance of nominations till the end of the day 2013/11/30 (GMT).

Contemplation will start 2013/12/01 ending with the end of the day 2013/12/07 (GMT).

The Election then starts 2013/12/08. You will be notified with an election-token within the week before.

For detailed information on upcoming elections, general information about the process and if you are an eligible person to vote or as candidate - see:
Election Process http://wiki.maemo.org/Community_Council/Election_process

On behalf of the Maemo Community Council

Best regards
Ruediger Schiller
Community Council Chair