Q4 2013 Community Council Election Announcement

2013-10-04 19:47 UTC by Michael Demetriou

Another six months are quickly running away and it's time for our Community Council to be succeeded by a new one, voted by the community.

The last election finished 8th of May 2013 so the election should begin on the 4th of November. Elections duration is one week, until the 10th of November. Nominations should open 2 weeks before that, thus on the 21th of the current month.

Please contemplate to throw your hat into the ring for the upcoming election, and help this community drive forward.

We will probably have two new devices to call our own during the next few months so the gloomy future that was in the horizon during the previous two elections has been avoided, and exciting times are coming.

In a personal note, I always regretted not being around here or active enough during the golden days of maemo, i.e. right before the N900 was announced and during the first months of it's availability. Don't lose the new opportunity to be part of new fun times that are coming fast.

On behalf of the outgoing community council

Michael Demetriou

(Joerg Reisenweber)