Public Maemo Community Council Meeting, Monday, 8 June 2009, at 13:30 UTC...

2009-06-05 16:54 UTC by Tim Samoff

Copied from tmo:

Maemo CommunityThere has been a lot of talk lately about what the Maemo Community Council is and how we should operate. This is a good thing -- something that the first Council asked for at Maemo Summit 2008.

A lot has happened since the inaugural Council was elected. I won't mention it all here, as it has been discussed ad nauseum in a few other places. What I will say is that we have been busy. Some of our work has been public and some has not. Some has made people happy and some has not. But, what has become clear is that there are definitely things that could be done better... One of them is communication with the Maemo Community.

Because of this, we have decided to hold a Public Maemo Community Council Meeting, this Monday, 8 June 2009, at 13:30 UTC.

Anyone can participate at

The itinerary is below.



THEME: Communication

1. One place for all communication: Where? (<5 minutes)

- Council blog
- Council wiki
- maemo-community mailing list (if integrated with tmo)
- Council subforum on tmo
- Other?

2. Representing the Maemo Community ( (<10 minutes)

- Take _every_ community "item" (request, complaint, etc.) into
- Community trusts Council to make assessments/decisions based on
these "items"?
- "Items" brough to a Coucil-moderated "community meeting" so that
community can decide?

3. Representing Maemo SW (Nokia)... (5 minutes)

- Is this actually helpful to the community?
- Ideas on bettering inter-community communication about official

4. Redefinition of Community Council. (<10

- Quims proposal:

* News and calls for participation are summarized in the
Council blog (RSS).
* Council micro-updates can be followed at [new thread to
be created in this forum] (watch)
* Council oriented conversation happens in the
Talk forum (archive) and the maemo-community mailing list
(archive), in threads identified with the [Council] tag.
* Also, Council members are usually present over IRC in
#maemo, happy to chat with you.

5. Regular Maemo Community town hall meetings? (5 minutes)

- At all?
- Every month?
- 6x/year? (Every other month)
- Quarterly?


We hope to see you there!


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