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2009-12-08 22:46 UTC by Valério Valério

Our community is getting bigger each day, we have a lot of new members at, but our IRC channel are also getting a lot of new users. I remember the times when we had less than 200 members at #maemo, nowadays in some periods of the day we usually have around ~500 users there.

Lot of people, lot of confusion - Is good to have a lot of people in the channel, asking questions and providing support for the new users, but sometimes is very difficult to keep a sane discussion there due to the parallel conversations, so some members of the community have decided to create some new IRC channels for some specific areas.

I'm glad to present you the new channels that are joining the Maemo family:

  • #maemo-bugs - Created by our bugmaster - General discussion and bug triage. Some bug parties will happen there.
  • #maemo-devel - Created by some very active members of our community - General discussion about development on the Maemo platform.
  • #maemo-ui - Created by the Maemo5UI team - Maemo 5 UX Design discussion/consultancy/advices.

A special word for the Maemo5UI team, they did a very good work at Barcelona in the last weekend, they're very friendly and talented people, I'm very happy to see they willing to continue helping our community.

More information about the community IRC channels can be found here.




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Jeff Moe
Karma: 486

Channel logs:

2009-12-10 13:16 UTC
Valério Valério
Karma: 1434

That's life, I wish I could track/follow everything that I want :p... but thanks to Marius we already have logs for all the new channels:

2009-12-09 17:29 UTC
Tim Samoff
Karma: 1634

Cool. Of course, tracking these channels just makes things more difficult. But, we all like challenges here, right? ;)

2009-12-09 17:22 UTC
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