Missing emulators will be back at maemo.org

2010-01-06 15:02 UTC by Valério Valério

As some know, we removed some emulators from maemo.org due to a legal dispute between Nokia and Nintendo. The dispute was not related to the emulators itself, but since the maemo.org infrastructure *is* paid for by Nokia, we decide to remove the emulators to avoid further problems.

This decision was made by Nokia together with the council and the developers involved, but we fail to communicate the decision in the first place to the community, was a very messy situation in a very grey area, and we were all a bit afraid to create more buzz. On behalf of the council I sincerely apologize for this lack of communication.

After some evaluation and discussion we decide to put the emulators back at maemo.org since there's no copyright infringement in the emulators code.

Maemo is intended to be an open platform, and we not intend to do any censorship in the applications available as long they meet the required Q&A, but the maemo.org infrastructure is sponsored by Nokia, we can't risk losing it.

On Behalf of the Maemo Community Council,

Valério Valério

Maemo Community Council Chair