Maemo Summit 2009: Remember to register...

2009-08-12 13:11 UTC by Tim Samoff

Maemo Summit 2009

Maemo Summit 2009 is free. Aside from travel and lodging, if you can get to Amsterdam during October 9-11, you can come... If you register.

Here are all of the people who have registered so far:

There are currently 104 registrants and 300 slots. Please help us out by registering as soon as you can -- it would be beneficial for us to be working on actual Summit responsibilities the few weeks before the Summit instead of scrambling to approve last-minute registrants.

But, what if you can't afford travel and lodging?

That's the interesting part. If you go to the link above, you'll see a section on the right called "Sponsorship" with the value "Requested" under it. Like last year, Nokia has generously offered some budget for sponsoring community contributors to attend the Summit -- especially if you would like to lead a presentation. Got an idea? Submit it here. View the current draft schedule here.)

If you are granted Sponsorship, it means that you get travel and lodging paid for by Nokia.

October is quickly approaching and the open slots for registration (Sponsorship or not) will fill up soon. Please take some time to register so that your place is set.

* All Maemo Summit graphics are still works in progress. Go here to see all of the different versions that have been created.


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