Maemo Elections

2012-03-17 16:43 UTC by RM Bauer

It's time for the next Maemo election.  Any community member who has karma of 100 or more may be nominated for Council or may nominate themselves via the maemo community mailing list (nominations must also be accepted on the mailing list).  The nomination period will close on Saturday, 31 March.

The voting is preliminarily scheduled to run from Thursday, 5 April, to Wednesday, 11 April.  If there are less than four nominees, then they will be considered to be the consensus choice of the community in the election and no vote will be necessary.

Each member of, who has an account that is more than 3 months old and who has earned over 10 karma points on that account, gets an electronic ballot.  The election is a "single transferrable vote."  They rank their Council candidates in order of preference; if their top candidate cannot get elected with the votes they receive, the votes are redistributed until all council seats have been allocated.


Please give consideration to nominating people you trust with the future of maemo.  Nokia will stop future funding for and cannot commit to handing over or licensing the website or parts of the infrastructure to the community.  The current council has concluded that reorganizing is not feasible and has started looking into a Plan B.  There have also been proposals to bring Harmattan into, and to coordinate with other similar projects such as WebOS, Qt or Nemo.  It is preferable that the future of maemo be made by a deliberate decision of the community.  Please help that happen by nominating and voting in the election.


alan bruce
Karma: 1345

I wish we still had Maemo community council elections.

2012-03-17 18:34 UTC


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