Maemo Community debmaster update...

2009-01-25 03:13 UTC by Tim Samoff

Although, we're a couple weeks later than anticipated (please accept our apologies), the Council is extremely close to hiring the first-ever Maemo Community debmaster!

debmastrer_supplimental.pngWe are very excited about this opportunity: not only will an official debmaster truly be a wonderful addition to our community development, but it will be the first time that Nokia wasn't involved in the hiring process of one of our community employees.

This speaks wonders for Nokia's desire (and trust) for the Maemo Community to be open and autonomous.

While the process of sponsoring an open community isn't alway smooth (and probably never easy), Maemo SW has been instrumental in facilitating our space and resources in a way that many community members never see -- and, it proves that there is a real dual-meaning in the word "transparency."

In the coming week or so, the Council hopes to be able to introduce our new debmaster to you. We hope that you'll welcome this person with open hearts and a willingness not only to listen to their expert advice, but offer help in becoming a part of our community.

The one thing that we do know is that the Council and the new debmaster alike wish to see Maemo develop world-class, user-friendly software.


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