Maemo Community Council Elections Q3 2010 Nominations open

2010-08-27 10:30 UTC by Andrew Flegg

Dave Neary has continued in his role of handling the election of a new Maemo Community Council, and published the list of eligible candidates. There are over 500 eligibile candidates. To nominate yourself, or someone else, you need to send an email to the maemo-community mailing list:

To nominate yourself or someone else for the council, please email the maemo-community mailing list with a clear email header (something like
"Council nomination: Michael Mouse" for example).

People who are nominated should accept (or refuse) such a nomination, if they are not nominating themselves. Apart from that, nominations don't require a seconder.

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Nominations are open until 23:59 Wednesday, 8th September; so you have just under two weeks to get your preferred candidates on the ballot sheet!