sprint process: future discussion

2010-05-06 13:44 UTC by Andrew Flegg currently organises its paid contributors; and some volunteers; through an agile "sprint" process. This process has tasks picked up and run with for four weeks.

Dave Neary has kicked off a discussion, on the maemo-community mailing list and about the dissatisfication felt by many people operating in that process recently:

The monthly check-list meetings have not been satisfying for me. Nor has not having a meeting at all. Over the past 3 months, it's felt like large sections of the Maemo community have moved into wait-and-see mode with MeeGo, and no-one wants to be working on things now which end up being obsoleted by MeeGo/Harmattan work in a few months.

If you'd like to shape the future of the collaboration between the amateur and professional aspects of the community; and how the MeeGo transition may affect that collaboration, please get involved.