community meeting (today, 12:00 UTC)

2010-09-16 10:31 UTC by Andrew Flegg

For those who missed it, we settled on a time & date for a team & community meeting, to set the short term agenda & evaluate progress. The meeting will be held today, Thursday 16th September, in #maemo-meeting, at midday UTC.

The agenda is:

  1. Overview of current paid resources for, and current thoughts on roadmap/future (Tero Kojo)
  2. Overview of Brainstorm roadmap progress & current status:
    • Introduction (Community Council rep)
    • SSO (Tero/Niels)
    • Garage (Ferenc)
    • Packages & Downloads (Niels)
    • Bugzilla (Andre)
    • Wiki (Dave)
    • Planet & News (Henri)
    • Talk (Reggie)
  3. Discussion around community handover of
  4. Next steps (Community Council rep)
  5. AOB