Influence Nokia by voting in a poll on N900 multitasking

2010-09-08 13:33 UTC by Andrew Flegg

"How do you use multitasking in N900?" That's the question asked by Peter Schneider, head of the Marketing in Nokia's MeeGo Devices team.

"Obviously, multitasking in the Nokia N900 is rather decent (my way of saying it's the best out there). BUT, are you making full use of it? Help me to understand how you use the multitasking feature. Your feedback is appreciated and taken into account in the MeeGo Marketing approach now and in the future."

Participating in this poll could really shape Nokia's vision of multitasking on their MeeGo devices, and it's encouraging to see them reaching out to the power-user, enthusiast and developer community on this topic.

The available options, based on the number of "mini-windows" you see in Maemo 5's task switcher, are:

  • None. I'm happyily single-tasking
  • 1 to 3 apps
  • 4 to 6 apps
  • 6 to 9 apps
  • More than 9 apps
  • Plenty, I never close any app but leave them all open


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Ghassan Chokr
Karma: 5

1 to 3 apps since most of what I use is through plug-ins. Although Multi-tasking through Maemo is beyond amazing!

2010-09-13 12:19 UTC
Ren Hoek
Karma: 5

4 to 6 apps

2010-09-13 08:49 UTC
kunal Parmar
Karma: 132

6 to 9 apps

2010-09-10 04:23 UTC
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