Device Program '12: Community Awards

2012-05-27 12:41 UTC by Piotr Jawidzyk

Community Council is pleased to announce start of Community Awards program!

council.png Community Awards are part of Nokia's '12 Device Program.
Community Awards (short. CA) are meant to be way of recognizing people, that, for months/years contributed - and continuously contribute - to Maemo Community. Unlike other programs, target audience of CA aren't only developers - suitable candidates include (also) dedicated testers, helpers, hardware modders, contributing participants of brainstorms and so goes on. Usually, it's a mix of all presented above.

From all submissions, Council will choose 25 winners, that will receive prize, from pool of 10 N950's and 15 N9's.

Rules for submissions are, as follows:

1. Receiving submissions will start at Monday, 28 May, 00:00 UTC. It will last for 3 weeks.

2. *Only* self-submissions are allowed, via community mailing list. Submissions may contain rationale - a short description about Your deeds for Community, but it's not required. Contributions of anyone submitting will be analyzed by Council, nevertheless.

3. Submission must contain info, if candidate is interested *only* in one particular type of prize (N950 or N9 - so, in case of not enough devices of preferred type, no prize), or if is going to be satisfied by any.

4. Community Awards are granted for past deeds, so no future projects/promises are considered by Council.

5. Someone, who received N950's in any form before (dev programs, etc) can't submit for/receive another one, but *can* submit for N9.

6. Winners will be chosen by Council in it's discretion, in no more than a week time (so, winners will be announced no more than four weeks after start of program).

Community Council would like to say huge "Thank You" to every dedicated Maemo contributor!