Council logs for meeting on September 28th, 2012

2012-10-02 17:29 UTC by Craig Woodward

This is a review of the weekly meeting of the Maemo Community Council.

Meeting held on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)
Attending: Woody14619, Ivgalvez, NielDK, SD69

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):

  • CC status
  • Elections
  • Bylaws updates and NFP status
  • Council Mailbag (QT5 competition related)
  • Misc topics

Topic 1 (CC Status)

  • Elections for CC are finished, organizers are working on finalizing results.
  • See the official wiki page for links and eventual official results.

Topic 2 (Elections)

  • We have enough candidates to move forward, nominations end the 28th.

Topic 3 (Bylaws and NFP status)

  • Updates from Woody and TMO are posted in TMO.
  • We now have a tax-ID number.
  • Woody has had no time to work on getting bank account setup.
  • We need to chat with Nokia/Nemien to do further setup for transition.

Topic 4 (Council Mailbag)

  • Laszlo Papp requests Council attempt to recall/redistribute awards from QT5 competition from earlier in 2012, as he feels recipients have not promoted QT5 as the award required.
  • After consideration, this was a Nokia-run competition which Council was not involved in. Council feels it would be inappropriate to interject itself into the QT community (which is much larger than Maemo, Harmattan, and/or MeeGo).
  • It is decided we will encourage Laszlo to take this matter up with the Community via TMO. If there is a consensus there, the next Council may revisit this topic.

Topic 5 (Misc/reminders)

  • We continue to have infrastructure problems, hopefully resolvable by Hildon Foundation when we/if they get the keys.


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