Community Council Meeting (June 8, 2012)

2012-06-12 21:45 UTC by Craig Woodward

In an effort to provide increased transparency of the operation of Council, meeting minutes are being provided via the Community Council blog. (Sorry for the delay in posting this week!)

Council logs for meeting on June 8th, 2012
Meeting held on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

Attending: qgil, Woody14619, Estel, SD69, Pali
Ivan & NielDK were unable to attend.

Summary of topics:

  • Questions on source for osso-backup (qgil)
  • Questions on formalities in allocting devices to CA winners
  • Review & status of past meeting AIs.
  • IRC moderation / chanop status

Topic 1 (Questions to QGil):

  • Will need to send names after verifying proper details are in user profiles on
  • Winners will need to create an account if they don't have one.
  • Confirmation on process for judging when a Council member is a potential CA winner is discussed.

Topic 2 (Review of AIs and status):

  • Estel still creating formal Council intro blog, input needed.
  • Ivan's AI on contacting devs to push packages is going well.
  • Coding competition banner is up on TMO.
  • Package movement in system will need to be via X-Fade until COBS.
  • Cloaks have been requested, will show up when processed.
  • Meeting minutes done, continuing AI for Woody.
  • First set of eliminations for CA went smoothly.

Topic3 (IRC Moderation):

  • Council is split on need for council representaion as IRC chanop
  • Council could become chanop by status vs. by merrit, but should we?
  • Insufficient Council present to vote, will be resolved later.

Post meeting topics (probably should have been in-meeting):

  • Questions from Pali to qgil & council about libicd promotion.
  • Discussion on OBS and enabling thumb in a repository are discussed.

Action Items:
Estel will do the Council intro blog (continued)
Ivan will continue with package list creation for promotion to Extras (continued)
Woody will do meeting minutes and post to blog after approval
All: Prepare for second wave of eliminations on CA and final CA decissions following week.
All: Discussion off-line about Topic #3 (IRC moderation) and vote there-on.


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