Community Council Meeting (June 29, 2012)

2012-07-02 17:21 UTC by Niel Nielsen

Meeting held on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs )

Attending: Woody14619, SD69, NielDK, Jaffa

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):
Problems in representation
CA firestorm and proposals
OBS progress and status
Movement on self-sustaining
AI review, other topics.

Topic 1 (Problems in representation)
There has been dispute over personal actions for a few weeks now.
Given Estel's offer in June 15th meeting, proposal is made to remove Chair from Estel.
Three of three present represent a majority, and pass the proposal.
A motion to select and elect a new chair are tabled to next week, in part due to attendance and to reflect on need and responsibilities of the position.

Topic 2 (CA Firestorm and proposals)
A set of proposals is presented for comment and request for actions by Council.
One proposal is requesting devices for Council, freeing CA devices.
Another proposal is requesting if reduced price options are open to Council to buy devices (for use with TMO-raised funds for devices to developers).
There are objections from two Council (one not present), the motion is tabled to next week to allow review and contemplation.

Topic 3 (OBS progress and status)
OBS is moving slower, but still moving.
Documenters are needed, status updated.
SD69 will attend OBS this week, as Woody14619 may not be available (vacation)

Topic 4 (Movement on self-sustaining)
TMO is a-buzz with talk of self-sustaining again, time to move is now.
Discussions about legal entity and US/EU implementation.
Discussions around funding are touched, including startup costs.
By-laws will be drafted and proposed by SD69.
NielDK will look into EU issues on VAT, NFP status and the like.
We should request a rough budget & cost structure from Nokia/Nemein to have a base on where things are now.  Breakdown would be best if we can get it.

Topic 5 (AI & Misc)
All AI from last meeting were completed, status given.
Woody14619 will be on vacation and may be off-line through July 9th.
Tabled topics should be brought up next week (Chair & CA proposals)

Action Items:
SD69: Draw up by-laws for new entity for presentation
SD69: Attend OBS to capture needs and Council requests
NielDK: Look into EU laws on NFP, VAT, etc.
NielDK: Post minutes on Monday if Woody is unable.
All: Consider motions on electing new Chair.
All: Consider motions on post-CA proposals.


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