Community Council Meeting (Aug 3, 2012)

2012-08-06 19:01 UTC by Craig Woodward

In an effort to increase transparency and access for the community, Council holds public meetings each Friday at 18:00UTC. Meeting logs are available at any time, and minutes are posted to the Council blog soon after (usually the following Monday).

Council logs for meeting on August 3rd, 2012

Meeting held on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

Attending: Woody14619, Ivgalvez, SD69, Zogg, javispedro.
NielDK is on holiday.

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):


  • Update on bylaws and presentation/setup for NFP
  • Infrastructure migration issues
  • Jolla questions and representation
  • Misc topics


Topic 1 (Update on bylaws)

Discussion on when Board election will happen, and interim Board for formation.
Council members will act as interim Board until elections in September.
SD69 will update bylaws to reflect topics discussed and post to blog/TMO for further discussion.

Topic 2 (Infrastructure discussion)

Per discussion on Monday, X-Fade and Merlin1991 were to sync Tuesday.
Tuesday's sync appeared to not happen, so still no repo admin access.
Woody14619 will follow up on Monday @OBS meeting and try to resolve.

Side-topic with Zogg on OBS:

Zogg asks why info on progress is slow, and why is it not open for more people to work on.
Woody replies that the hardware in Nemien owned, and those in the community with the required skill set to work on OBS are for the most part already involved, or lack the time to become involved.  Access is not the issue, free time is. Especially since Nokia is no longer paying for development time from X-Fade, who is contributing personal time to this project now.

Topic 3 (Jolla)

Ivan has a list of questions for Jolla (assembled by Jalyst, from the community), some simple, some not.
SD69 has made contact with Jolla's CEO, thinks we need to have a "friendly meeting" before barraging them with technical questions.  Woody agrees.
A meeting should be setup, or at least a discussion started with Jolla and Council.
SD69 will forward info to the Council ML to facilitate that.

Topic 4 (Misc)

Thanks to Ivan for posting meeting minuted to the blog this week.
Woody14619 will be on holiday August 17-25th.
SD69 will be on holiday August 19-25th.
Woody is looking at voting machine docs to see if he can help in the setup for the next election, to reduce time needed by X-Fade to do so.

Action Items:

SD69 to retouch bylaws and post as a blog entry for review by full community
Woody14619 will post bylaws to wiki for markup and review edits
Woody14619 to follow up with IRC topic links and announcements once blog/wiki are up
Woody14619 to follow up with X-Fade on getting admin into role with repos.