Coding Competition 2016

2015-12-18 20:55 UTC by Jussi Ohenoja

As you may have already noticed in the recent Meeting Minutes, current Council is about to prepare a Coding Competition (CC) for 2016. In times like these, without Nokia or any other corporate entity sponsoring prizes/devices, there are of course limited resources for big giveaways. Nevertheless we believe the approach is worth it. :) We are relying on your donations.

Looking at last CC's, this time it will probably be more of the supportive kind than rival in the first place. Basically we want to support the ongoing AND future software development in a way that ideally, the winners will get the "right" devices to carry on their efforts or even to the next level (e.g. cross-platform).

Now since no current Councilor has ever arranged a CC, we would like to hear your thoughts on how to get it "right", satisfying community demands (SW) as well as individual developer demands (HW). Please share your ideas! And if you've been involved in organizing recent CC's and are willing to help, please holler. And we sure need help in having an uptodate wiki page.

Furthermore, we are calling all owners of now unused devices to consider donating* them for this CC, respectively to MC e.V., who will be responsible for collecting donations and funds. Especially we are looking at those that got rewarded in recent CC's or device programs (N950 anyone? ;)).

* or selling them for a reasonable price.

The voting webinterface will be the same as for the Maemo Council elections, so jury will be you. We also need you to scrutinize the submitted code (ideally installable/executable + binary). It is undecided yet wether or not to accept closed source apps. As the Council is organizing this CC, it will only intervene if a need occurs. Please help make sure conditions and rules are distinct.

Ideas for categories:

- Old NIT‘s

- Fremantle

- Harmattan

- Sailfish OS

- "Port it/cross-platform"

- "Maintain it" (packages, CSSU)

- "Update/Fix it"

- "Bugfix it" (known, yet unresolved bugs)

- Core development or "Free it" (backport, clone, replace or supersede closed packages)

- Recent contributions (recent major releases)

- Wishlist (rewarded if/when completed)

- Beginner (first release)

A variant could be to have category "Update/Fix it" for each of the 4 device categories if it can be expected to have enough entries (and prizes).

Ideas and suggestions welcome. :)