Canola and Bugzilla: A Beautiful Friendship

2008-11-21 02:58 UTC by Ryan Abel

Today I'd like to announce the beginning of Canola issue tracking on the Bugzilla. This marks the beginning of community application tracking in our Bugzilla, and another milestone in's transition into a true community website.

Canola's existing tracker on Garage is now closed (anybody familiar with Garage's tracker will know exactly how sweet a thing that is ;)), any remaining valid issues will be migrated to Bugzilla, and the rest of the issues will be closed.

This is only the first step in tracking 3rd-party applications in Bugzilla, as tracking for more than just a few applications will be dependent on significant software upgrades, so we're starting with a small pilot-program with some high-profile applications that are most likely to benefit from quality bug tracking.

Big thanks to Andre and Karsten (our bugmasters) for facilitating this change, and to the Canola team (particularly Marcelo Oliveira and my fellow Council member Eduardo Lima) who worked so hard to get Canola open-sourced (which was really what finally made this happen). The rest of you can show your appreciation by filing some bugs! ;)