Board minutes for meeting on November 3rd, 2012

2012-11-07 16:54 UTC by Ivan Galvez Junquera

Minutes for first Hildon Foundation Board meeting. VoIP meeting held on Google Hangout. Attending: - Randall Arnold / texrat - Tim Samoff / timsamoff - Ivan Galvez / ivgalvez - Robert Bauer/ SD69 - Craig Woodward (intermittent) / woody14619

Hildon Foundation, Meeting 1 - November 3, 2012


+ Note:
- Technical Issues persisted via Google Hangout: only Randy, Ivan and Tim had voice capability. Others participated via chat.

+ Public Meeting Minutes?
- Tim: Yes
- Randy: Some private; some public
- Ivan: Are they required?
- Rob: n/a
- Craig: They should be public, with exceptions of criticalinformation/NDA.

+ Bylaws, version 7
- Bylaws unanimously approved by all Board members.

+ Board Officers
- Chair: Randall Arnold
- Secretary: Robert Bauer
- Treasurer: Currently, Tim Samoff
> Proposed to ask Cosimo Kroll/zehjotkah to occupy this role.
~ Cosimo has agreed to take the position and will be appointed at the next Board meeting.)

+ Bank account?
- Find out about bank account (ask Niel Nielsen/nieldk).

+ Meeting schedule
- VoiP every two weeks?
- IRC meetings (Board Business) every two weeks & VoiP meetings(Official Board Meetings) monthly?
- Will schedule regular meetings on Google Calendar (which will also create a permanent Hangout for the Board).

+ Transitioning tasks from Council to Board. Separation of current tasks.
- Ensure Council remains communication conduit for community.
- Board organizes operational decisions.
- Board needs an official statement for Board responsibility withcommunity.
> Ask Craig Woodward about channel(s) of Board communication.
~ After the meeting, Ivan asked X-Fade to set up the same mechanism that Council is using for communication. In the meantime, Council account can be used.

+ Funding activities:
- Nothing to report at this time.

+ Private session concerning some NDA-protected issues (recorded elsewhere).

+ Infrastructure problems:
- To be discussed via email.

+ Meeting concluded.