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2009-02-10 20:16 UTC by Tim Samoff

Maemo Summit 2008 Day 1 #0086 Thanks to the prompting of fellow Maemo Community member Andrea Grandi (first via private email and then on the maemo-community mailing list), we have begun planning the particulars of the next Maemo Summit. If you're interested in joining the discussion, head on over the the Maemo 2009 wiki page and add your two-cents (thanks to Manrique Lopez for starting the wiki page). Also, be sure to join the maemo-community mailing list if you haven't already -- we discuss a lot of community-related issues there.

If you were at Maemo Summit 2008 , you understand why it is well worth the time and effort that it takes to plan this yearly gathering for Maemo and open source champions. Whether you're a developer or a just a user (like me), I highly recommend getting involved. If you weren't there last year, this is your chance to jump into the mix of an amazingly talented and diverse group of people. I'm glad I went for more than one reason (you can read some of my post-Summit thoughts here ), but probably most importantly because I was able to forge real-life friendships with so many people that I usually only have the opportunity of speaking with in the digital space.

Do yourself (and the Maemo Community) a favor and join in on the Maemo Summit experience!


Andrea Grandi
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I forgot to blog this on Planet Maemo. Nice job, so more people can read this and help us with organization.

2009-02-11 09:01 UTC


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