Council voting rights: time to act!

2009-02-16 21:24 UTC by Andrew Flegg

After much discussion, there are now three referenda open to decide who will be able to vote in the next - and future - Maemo Community Council elections, and how the council members are chosen from the ballots.

[ VOTE ]

Those of you eligible to vote (karma of 25 or over, and a account older than 3 months) will have received your tokens. The next step is to read over the proposals and vote: you enter your anonymous token for each of the referenda and vote accordingly.

Dave Neary's done a fantastic job in pulling this together for us, and hopefully we can finally put arguments over karma requirements and counting methods behind us before the next election in only a few weeks time.

More info is available in Dave's excellent post on the maemo-community mailing list.


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