2012-12-14 Meeting Minutes

2012-12-18 23:19 UTC by Alexander Kozhevnikov

Meeting held on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

Attending: DocScrutinizer05, qwazix, ivgalvez, Mentalist Traceur.
Absent: NielDK.

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):
- CC Device Issue Almost At Dead End
- Hildon Foundation Monthly Monetary Reports
- Infrastructure

Topic  (CC Device Issue Almost At Dead End):

  • qwazix still has no reply from anyone about the CC devices.
  • ivgalvez recently acquired one more Nokia contact, who he will try.

Topic  (Hildon Foundation Monthly Monetary Reports):

  • Mentalist Traceur brought up for consideration that the Board could publish a monthly (or some other timeframe) report to the community, saying how much money was earned, how much was spent where, and what the financial aftermath was for Hildon Foundation for that month.
  • There was mutual agreement with this suggestion.
  • ivgalvez will forward this suggestion to the Board

Topic  (Infrastructure):

  • Nokia agreed to pay for everything except TMO for two months while the preparations for a transition are ongoing.
  • TMO, however, has no such provision, and is thus fairly urgent.
  • TMO will be needing an administrator in the near future.
  • It is looking likely that the Foundation will have to hire a professional sysadmin at some point, if there is no sufficiently skilled volunteer.
  • We had a significant debate about what the better course of action was (note: infrastructure decisions are decided by Board, not Council, so this has only indirect influence on policy, if any).
  • The disagreement largely boils down to whether the hosting of talk.maemo.org forums and the other maemo.org website needs to be on one server, and more importantly, how soon should the servers be consolidated.
  • It is also partly informed by a claim made that the laws of the US (where TMO is currently hosted) would require us to notify and/or get the agreement of all TMO members before the forum could be relocated to the EU.
  • The details of the discussion can be seen in the IRC log, linked above, but were not included in the minutes for brevity.
Action Items:
  • ivgalvez will contact his remaining Nokia contact in the hope of getting the CC issue unstuck.
  • ivgalvez will forward the monthly (or other time period) Foundation financial report to community idea to the Board.


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