2012-11-23 Council Meeting Minutes

2012-11-26 20:11 UTC by Alexander Kozhevnikov

Meeting held on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

Attending: DocScrutinizer05, qwazix, MentalistTraceur.
Absent: NielDK, ivgalvez

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):
- IRC Account for ivgalvez
- Infrastructure
- CC Devices Situation
- Misc topics


  • Before the meeting, ivgalvez was able to give us an update from the Board, saying that next week the board has a conference with both Nemein and Nokia, and that hopefully this helps unblock the current situation.

Topic 1 (IRC Account Requirement for Councilors):

  • DocScrutinizer brought up that community councilors are supposed to have registered IRC accounts on FreeNode IRC, and ivgalvez currently doesn't have one.
  • Significant reasons for this mentioned were:
  1. An unregistered username can be used by anyone, and impersonating councilors has significant potential for community disruption.
  2. An unregistered username cannot receive special permissions for IRC channels, such as being able to change the topic of the council meeting channel.
  3. Unregistered users can't receive cloaks.
  4. Thus, DocScrutinizer cannot proceed with the cloak/permissions changes request until ivgalvez has registered his IRC nick.

Topic 2 (Infrastructure):

  • Wiki (still) has edit error.The error comes from /usr/share/mediawiki/includes/EditPage.php
  • Thus, Council decided to request that X-Fade publishes that, and perhaps other *.php files, or the entire /usr/share/mediawiki/includes* subdirectory, excluding any secret/sensitive files, to maemo.org, so that the community could take a look at them and perhaps someone could figure out where the error is coming from.
Topic 3 (CC Devices Situation):

(Note: DocScrutinizer did not actively participate in this topic)
  • qwazix sent e-mail to the contact that sent the DHL tracking information for the CC devices, to ask about the two CC devices that have not yet been delivered. He has not received a response yet.
  • Recipient of the slightly malfunctioning N950 has sent e-mail to the same person, but has not followed up since then.
  • There is another contact that handled the previous wave(s) of device giveaways, it was decided to try them next, after a full week of no reply has elapsed.
Topic 4 (Misc topics):

Jolla Relations:
  • qwazix noted he has introduced himself to the Jolla community relationship chief, as a Council Member.
IRC Cloaks:
  • DocScrutinizer will just make a blanket request to set all current IRC "maemo/community/council*" cloaks to "maemo/community/contributor", before giving the new councilors council cloaks - to make sure there's no straggler "council" cloaks left.
  • Anyone wishing to keep a "maemo/community/council" cloak for some reason even though they are not a current council member, may contact the council explaining their reasons, to have their case considered.
Action Items:
  • qwazix will send ivgalvez an e-mail to request that he register his FreeNode IRC nick.
  • DocScrutinizer will send the IRC cloak/permission change requests to X-Fade when ivgalvez does the aforementioned.
  • qwazix will send X-Fade a request to publish the relevant wiki pages as per above.
  • qwazix will wait until Monday, then e-mail the fallback contact for the CC devices.