Killing the Midgard wiki

2008-10-29 11:36 UTC by Ryan Abel

Just a heads up, there are only 6 days remaining until the Midgard wiki dies for good, so if there are any other pages you'd like to have moved or redirected, please list them. Otherwise, they'll all be gone after November 4th, 2008.


Ryan Abel
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It's still there, the wiki component is just turned off and many pages have been redirected. If you really want something it can be recovered.

But, that's the whole reason we did the wiki reorg and this second run through in the first place. To get whatever was useful and move it to the new wiki, the rest was jettisoned.

If you have specific objections than those should be addressed, but unless you do. . . .

2008-11-04 14:42 UTC
alan bruce
Karma: 1345

So you're deleting the old wiki content, unless it is "claimed" by someone? Are you sure that's a good idea?

2008-11-03 18:52 UTC


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