Improving IRC meeting

2008-09-24 18:41 UTC by Ryan Abel

During the 100 Days brainstorm, two of the biggest issues discussed were cleaning up the content to remove cruft and keep everything high-quality, and redesigning the look and layout of the site to be lightweight, attractive and usable.

The design and layout discussion is ongoing, but we've already seen mockups from Bundyo and fms, and Quim has asked the INdT folks responsible for the new logo to try their hand at a design, too.

Before we tackle design issues, the first step is to start cleaning up existing content. Dave has outlined most of the types of use-cases that the content should cater to. So we need to figure out any additional use-cases, and get down to setting up the site to be usable for all of them.

To help kick off the discussion (and since it worked so well for Bugzilla), we're holding an IRC meeting on Freenode in #maemo-meeting on Saturday this week at 19:00 UTC. Be there!