Introducing the new Maemo Community Council

2008-09-14 14:24 UTC

Welcome to the Maemo Community Council's new blog! This is where we will be keeping the community abreast of current community issues, and posting important notices and announcements.

To get started, I'd like to thank everybody who helped get this off the ground: Henri Bergius, for doing the grunt work getting the GNOME voting software up and running on and for fixing bugs during the election; Andrew Flegg, for thinking up and pushing the idea; and, of course Dave Neary for coordinating the whole thing and giving it the last push over the top it needed to happen.

As its first order of business, the council elected a chair to oversee administrative duties and chase down reticent council members for input: me, Ryan Abel. I'd thank them for it, but I suspect it'll involve few perks and a lot of extra work. ;)

Now comes the time to start fleshing out an administrative structure, draft a mission statement, and maybe take on our first community issue.

More will be coming soon, so watch this space (or subscribe to maemo-community and join #maemo if you're interested in getting involved)!


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