Maemo 5 Beta 2 bugfix release: Time for Quality Assurance

2009-07-14 11:11 UTC by Soumya Bijjal

Maemo 5 Beta 2 bugfix release: Time for Quality Assurance

Nokia has released the Maemo 5 Beta 2 SDK, integrating many fixes reported by developers in previous releases. This release, combined with the recent improvements in the Fremantle Extras repository provide a solid basis to get your software ready for the Maemo 5 final release. Other features include the possibility to develop Status Area plugins and the update of the developer documentation in editable wiki pages ready to receive your contributions.

The Extras repository is the main channel of distribution of community and open source software for Maemo users. The community team and Nokia are collaborating in the implementation of a quality assurance process based on automated tests and the evaluations of betatesters. The Extras autobuilder is now synced with the Beta 2 SDK content and an automated testing process makes sure the packages uploaded to  extras-devel (unstable repository) fulfill the most basic functional requirements before being promoted to extras-testing.


Janne Johansson
Karma: 31

Originally the installer went out with a wrong URL but it was noticed immediately and also fixed right then and there. Seems that the first version was already cached somewhere since some people are still reporting this bug :(

2009-07-15 07:35 UTC
Murray Cumming
Karma: 609

The installer script fails while trying to download this file:

Presumably it should be trying this URL instead:

2009-07-14 17:59 UTC


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