8 community projects supported by Nokia as Fremantle Stars

2009-01-29 10:03 UTC by Quim Gil

The Maemo Software team at Nokia will help 8 community projects to be ready for prime time by the Maemo 5 final release:

The support offered depends on the needs of each project and will include early access to hardware, help on concepting and UI, promotion in the Maemo and Nokia marketing channels and a modest budget to sponsor trips or specific tasks done by the team members. This support is offered as an additional help and comes with no software requirements or any kind of intervention in the development of these projects.

The selection process started with a question to the Maemo community about their candidates for Fremantle Stars. The selected projects make an interesting use of the platform and they will be showcased as good complements to the Nokia offering and the commercial software being developed for Maemo 5. We encourage Maemo developers and enthusiasts in contributing to the success of these projects!

PS: Not selected? There are more plans to support developers before the Maemo 5 final release. Keep following the Fremantle whistle.


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Chris Mcnally
Karma: 34

I'm glad to see OSM2Go on this list. It's already a great piece of software, lacking on documentation however. I'm sure there are other improvements that Nokia can help with. thanks.

2009-05-09 12:21 UTC
Otto Peura
Karma: 5

are most certainly out from this list because Nokia wants to to push its own programs in these areas. Thats OK but as stated before - please make them not to suck :)

2009-02-02 16:13 UTC
Gary Birkett
Karma: 735

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to build my playground within Maemo 5. The community reaction upon its initial release was amazing and we will attempt to create the best experience possible.

I am so pleased numpty-physics is included in the list and wonder what amazing things will be possible with the extra power the omap3 will bring to an already excellent game.

mauku (i love the pronunciation) has been installed on my machine now since the summit and keeps me updated with the activities of my friends. Hendrik has been building a new engine for this excellent app and I cannot wait to see what he comes up with.

James, The PIM outline and notes in the wiki are documentation (admittedly an extremely good near application outline). I am certain that once it gains momentum and people get involved in actually building the application Nokia will be on hand to help as much as they can.

2009-01-30 18:42 UTC
James Brinkhoff
Karma: 31

encouraging hearing about this initiative, and some good selections. but no pim? hoping for better syncable contacts, calendar, tasks in fremantle...

2009-01-30 11:57 UTC
Marat Fayzullin
Karma: 1594

If you are indeed investing into built-in media player, mapping application, and chat, please, PLEASE, make them not suck. The current applications included into Diablo do not stand any competition with the third party ones.

2009-01-29 20:04 UTC
Quim Gil
Karma: 2662

There is no perfect list that would make happy everybody. We don't pretend to com up with the perfect list, or not even with a list of "best" projects. We didn't even say that is the final list, other projects might join on a later stage.

Some reasons that come to mind to prioritize our support on the projects selected over the ones mentioned here:

  • We are investing a lot to have a media player, a maps application and an IM client. We are interested in projects building around them. It is cool to see good projects challenging them but funding the official application and the alternatives is a bit redundant.

  • Some projects are well consolidated in the Maemo community and they did very well without our direct support. We count on them in Fremantle, of course and we will be at least as nice with them and we have been before. But we better put our extra attention on projects that would really benefit from an extra push.

  • Some areas get a lot of R&D from Nokia and even if nowadays there are not related Maemo applications the teams/companies working on them could work on porting them. For instance, there is even a subdomain http://mobilecodes.nokia.com/ and it makes sense that we focus on areas where e.g. the S60 branch is not so strong.

2009-01-29 19:47 UTC
David Martel
Karma: 142

Theres a few there like that I wouldn't have thought needed help, and its a shame the maemo-barcode project hasn't been picked as it could have really benefited.

2009-01-29 16:44 UTC
Oskar Welzl
Karma: 963

I assume the selection would make more sense to me if I knew what other applications come pre-installed or might be commercially available, but still...

2009-01-29 15:48 UTC
Marat Fayzullin
Karma: 1594

Why no Maemo Mapper on this list? Also, MPlayer and Pidgin seem to be good candidates.

2009-01-29 10:58 UTC
Karma: 20

No Mplayer, no Fremantale ;)

2009-01-29 10:24 UTC
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