8 community projects supported by Nokia as Fremantle Stars

2009-01-29 10:03 UTC by Quim Gil

The Maemo Software team at Nokia will help 8 community projects to be ready for prime time by the Maemo 5 final release:

The support offered depends on the needs of each project and will include early access to hardware, help on concepting and UI, promotion in the Maemo and Nokia marketing channels and a modest budget to sponsor trips or specific tasks done by the team members. This support is offered as an additional help and comes with no software requirements or any kind of intervention in the development of these projects.

The selection process started with a question to the Maemo community about their candidates for Fremantle Stars. The selected projects make an interesting use of the platform and they will be showcased as good complements to the Nokia offering and the commercial software being developed for Maemo 5. We encourage Maemo developers and enthusiasts in contributing to the success of these projects!

PS: Not selected? There are more plans to support developers before the Maemo 5 final release. Keep following the Fremantle whistle.