16. maemo.org

The landing site and home for maemo open source community developers is maemo.org. It provides documentation, support, bug reporting tool, project hosting framework, roadmaps and news for the developers. This chapter goes through these services.

16.1 Documentation

The maemo.org site provides official documentation[62] for each maemo major release. Also this manual is part of the official documentation.

The community documentation is viewable for everyone and editable by registered users in the maemo wiki[75]. Contributions to the community wiki and feedback about the official document are welcome!

16.2 Support

The place to get support from the community is the mailing list for maemo developers[68]. Prior to asking a possibly frequently asked question on the list, it is good to take a look at the mailing list archives[67]. A separate list for maemo users is also very active; it is targeted more at the end users than maemo application developers.

The most active maemo instant messaging channel at the time of writing is the maemo IRC channel[66] on freenode.

Commercial support for the maemo platform will be provided by Forum Nokia[20].

16.3 Bug Reporting

The proper way of giving feedback about the maemo platform is by using the public maemo Bugzilla[60]. It can be browsed anonymously, but registration is needed to be able to enter new bug reports or feature requests. The same Bugzilla tool is used to give feedback about the software running in the device, the SDK and the website including its documentation.

16.4 Project Hosting

The maemo garage[64] is a complete project hosting site for maemo community. This is the place where the actual development of maemo applications is preferably done, hence the name. Garage provides the developers for each project a version control management system, wiki, issue tracker and forums.

Application catalog[63] or the Downloads section of the maemo site is meant for end users to be able to easily download and install open source software products on their Internet Tablets. The maemo Application Catalog manual[59] has instructions for the maintainer on how to add a new tested application to the application catalog list, hopefully incubated first in the garage.

16.5 Roadmap and News

The maemo community members can keep a track on what is happening now by reading the news[69]. For future plans, the roadmap[70] is kept open for avoiding overlapping work and giving visibility where the development effort is going for maemo itself.

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